led light

Design This Light Installation Will Play With Your Perception Of Time

A new audiovisual project features a grid of motion-controlled LED pendulums that move like the rhythm of a clock

Technology Portable Lamp is Stylish Brick That Illuminates When Rotated

No more fumbling for the light switch in the dark with the Brick Lamp

Innovation Bike Horn Features Customizable Ringtones

A customizable bike horn that gives cyclists a chance to roar like a lion or bellow like a 16-wheeler.

Work Extension Cord Stool Acts As Power Bar And Seating [Pics]

The SpoolStool is a hybrid design by Joe Levy that features three sockets and a leg with an embedded LED light.

Design Light Paintings Superimpose Imaginary Creatures Into Nature

Artist Darren Pearson uses LED lights and long exposure photography to create amazing glowing sculptures.

Work LED Engagement Ring Lights Up When Fiancé Is Nearby

Engineer creates a titanium ring that glows when he and his partner are together.

Technology Touch-Sensitive Plant Lamps Control Lighting And Ambience [Video]

German designer creates an interactive flower vase that responds to touch.

Gaming & Play PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

We bring you the most stimulating and exciting stories from the world of wellness research.

Advertising The Bathroom Recycle System [Pics]

A cleverly designed system that helps conserve water that would normally be wasted while waiting for the shower to heat up.