Legal Program Helps Non-Binary Femme Entrepreneurs

The workshop provides pro-bono name change and incorporation workshops to help overcome common hurdles

Home Landlords Scan Facebook To Check If You Can Pay Rent

A controversial tool analyzes the words used on social media to determine the reliability of a potential renter

Design German Lingerie Company Using Tech to Make 3D Underwear

3D-printed clamshell bra and panties exploit loophole in strange new law

Advertising Full-Page Ads For Marijuana-Related Orgs Appear in 'New York Times'

Oppositional advertisements in the weekend's 'Times' are indicative of contrasting public views on legalizing marijuana

Video Find Out Why SodaStream's Commercial Is Banned In The UK [Video]

Authorities deem the ad to be unfair to big soda companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

Retail 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Youtube is trying out a new look, Britain overtakes US as the nation with the most cultural influence, and iPads top the holiday wish list.... Links to start your day with.

Work Furniture Designer Legally Employs Young Sons To Add Imperfect Finishing Touches

Dutch labor laws allow kids to express their creativity as well as earn money, while still protecting their time and preserving their childhood experience.

Innovation Cadbury Wins Rights To Purple Over Nestlé [Headlines]

The lawsuit put and end to the three year trademark battle between the two confectioner companies.

Cocaine Use In Decline Due To Image And Austerity [Headlines]

The drug is losing its role as a part of an affluent lifestyle as consequences are becoming more severe and legal repercussions are harsher.

Technology PSFK’s Top Five Stores Of The Week

Review the best in design, trends, culture, arts and fashion in our weekly 'What's Trending Now' roundup.

Advertising San Francisco Tired Of Advertisers Cleaning The Streets

Regulators in this U.S. city are saying 'no' to cleaner footpaths and buildings by cracking down on reverse graffiti.

Advertising Twitter Secures 'Tweet' Trademark [Headlines]

The microblogging site has settled a lawsuit against advertising provider Twittad gaining ownership of the word 'tweet.'

Home N.Y. Man Sues White Castle Over Too-Small Booth [Headlines]

Frequent diner Martin Kessman has filed a lawsuit against the fast-food chain after finding he cannot fit into the dining room booths.

Advertising Twitter Sues Twittad Over Use Of 'Tweet' [Headlines]

Twitter is suing one of its third-party partners Twittad to prevent it from using the word "tweet."