lego bricks

Design Rapid Prototyping System Mixes 3D-Printing And LEGO [Pics]

FaBrickation is a research project that aims to save time by replacing smaller parts with Lego bricks.

Design The Apple Store Built Using LEGO Bricks [Pics]

Jon Lazar built a model based on the general design scheme of the tech retail spaces with two floors housing iPads, MacBooks, iPhones and a Genius Bar.

Home Prosthetic Leg Made Entirely Out Of LEGO [Video]

Occupational therapist Christina Stephens gets creative after her foot was amputated in an accident.

Design Wedding Dress Created Entirely Out Of LEGO [Pics]

Japanese artist Rie Hosokai created the design based on the balloon dress for Tokyo’s “Piece of Peace” exhibit.

Design Multi-Media Art Hides Life-Size LEGO Props In Photographs

Dean West and Nathan Sawaya’s photo series ‘In Pieces’ features specially-sculpted objects made of the popular blocks placed within the scenes.

Home LEGO Creates Pop Culture Riddle Posters Out Of Blocks

To celebrate '55 years of the brick', agency Brad in Montreal created posters with LEGO blocks recreating well-known books, songs, movies, and bands.

Luxury LEGO Birkin Bag

This unofficial tribute to the Hermes bag is made using toy bricks and features a working flap closing and two large pockets inside.

Home Manhattan Apartment Staircase Made Of 20,000 LEGO Bricks [Pics]

The playful and unique feature for a boy's bedroom was created by licensed LEGO artist Sean Kenney.

Design Muji Teams Up With LEGO To Create Paper Brick Sets [Pics]

The Japanese retailer encourages kids to construct animals, vehicles and other creative objects using colorful templates and the popular building blocks.

Technology Real Life LEGO Bricks For Eco Construction

An innovative hydraulic press turns ordinary mud into structural blocks.