Fashion & Apparel Michael Kors London Store Design Offers Leisurely Shopping Experience

The American designer's latest London store opening is centered around making shopping more personal and leisurely, blending modern and classic aesthetics to create an oasis within the city bustle

Brand Activation & Immersion Singapore's Changi Airport Offers Travelers Experiential Retail And Leisure Complex

The Singapore hub is inviting travelers to dine, shop and stroll through gardens at its Jewel shopping center, joining the trend around travel establishments investing in on-site destinations

Retail Buzzfeed's New York-Exclusive Offline Newspaper Lets Readers Redeem Online Coupons

The publisher is using coupon codes redeemable with online retailers to test whether a physical newspaper could generate significant advertising revenue

Analysis NYRIW Preview: How High-End Bicycle Rental Roula Serves The Traveling Cyclist

Ahead of Roula's site tour during New York Retail Innovation Week, CEO Mark Voysey explains how he built a premium bicycle brand around consumer demand for on-the-go fitness, helping provide ultimate efficiency for the traveling cyclist

Entertainment Travel Magazine's IGTV Series Showcases Destinations Through Locals' Eyes

Hoping to drive commerce with content, Travel + Leisure is taking advantage of Instagram's IGTV video platform to offer travelers glimpses into the everyday lives of locals in potential vacation destinations

Gaming & Play Walmart Provides Esports Fans In-Store Gaming And Tournaments Space

Select Walmart locations are incorporating arenas from an esports facility provider for fans to convene and game, offering league nights on weekdays and tournaments on the weekends

Events Interview: Aaron Levant's NTWRK Uses Shoppable Video Content To Connect With A New Generation Of Consumers

With shoppable programming dedicated to gaming, music, sports, and more, Aaron Levant hopes NTWRK can become a kind of QVC concept for Generation Z

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Interview: How IHG Used Consumer Insight To Engineer An Efficient, Budget-Friendly Hotel Brand

The hospitality group used feedback and data to build a new hotel brand, Avid Hotels, specifically designed for the young, professional, and value-conscious traveler

Loyalty & Membership W Hotels Launching In-House Record Label As Part Of Loyalty Program

W Records will offer artists a 360 deal including a recording studio, a production team and help with packaging and branding, aiming to offer guests choice cultural experiences

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Guatemala's Tourism Board Incorporates AR Into Its Latest Campaign To Attract Tourism

Guatemala's Tourism Board partners with JCDeaux to develop immersive ad's that engage tourists in an immersive augmented reality experience through their smart devices

Automotive Uber Hosts A Music Festival Showcasing The Talent Of Its Drivers

Uber Radio Live is a three-day concert that will highlight the music of Austin's Uber drivers, part of the brand's overarching efforts to better its company culture and support its employees, while also providing its customers with interactive entertainment

Loyalty & Membership Six Flags Membership Will Offer Customers VIP Tours And Free Cotton Candy

The theme park is eliminating its yearly pass in favor of a monthly membership program that allows customers to earn points by going on rides and posting on social media

Brand Activation & Immersion How Facebook's Watch Party Feature Can Help Brands Build Engagement With Their Audience

The feature will encourage community activity through shared video streaming sessions, giving viewers the ability to comment simultaneously and explore branded content socially

Post Purchase Service & Support Google's Chromebook Loan Program Helps Ease Hardware Woes For Businesses

The tech company's grab-and-go service intends to get workers up and running with a temporary new machine in just minutes, while also promoting Google's Chrome Enterprise program