Brand Activation & Immersion Nike Fans Could Customize Their Own AR Snapchat Filter

In the lead up to the 2019 NBA All Star Weekend, Nike let fans build their own Snapchat AR filters and share them with their followers

Delivery & Logistics Contact Lens Subscription Service Offers Customers Patented Formula And In-House Opticians

The startup, called Waldo, recently expanded into the United States and intends to compete with existing players like Acuvue by including features like free shipping and personalized service that increase its customer value

Fashion & Apparel This Eyeglasses Company Is Solving Vision Strain With Style

Felix Gray brings affordable and stylish options to the glasses game with proprietary lenses that filter out blue light from screens

Children Warby Parker For Kids Is Coming To NYC

The disruptive eyewear brand is testing the waters for a children's collection, starting in New York City retail stores

Design Designer Imagines How Luxury Brands Would Produce VR Headsets

South Korean designer Jaehyeon Ha made a series of stunning concept images imagining Givenchy's VR future

Children These Customizable Eyeglasses Let Kids Create Their Own Pair

Kids can now enjoy wearing style-driven eyewear for which they can choose the designs and mix and match whenever they please

Advertising Snapchat Is Featuring Artist Jeff Koons' Work In World Lenses

The collaboration is only the latest of the app's experimentations with augmented reality

Cafe & Restaurant Burger King And Sainsbury's Run Ads Shot On Snap's Spectacles

These are the first two brands to use these glasses for advertising

Retail Fully Modular Sunglasses Change To Match Your Outfits

The Nogs can be reconfigured as easily as you would change an outfit with fully customizable frames and lenses

Technology Snapchat Patent Reveals The Future Of Their AR Spectacles

An updated version of their Spectacles could see dinosaurs walking around the streets

Consumer Goods Glasses Automatically Focus On Whatever You Are Looking At

Developed at the University of Utah, the liquid-based lenses can change their curvature based on the distance of objects

Retail Ultra-Slim Camera Mimics The Image-Capturing Ability Of An Insect's Eye

The concept facetVISION aggregates individual images to form a whole picture much like a house fly would

Fashion & Apparel Service Creates Bespoke Prescription Lenses For Snapchat Spectacles

For as little as $29, GlassesUSA.com has created a new offering that lets wearers of the video glasses see clearly

Technology These Lenses Turn Your Phone Into A Portable Microscope

BLIPS makes it easier to take a much closer look at everyday objects