Brand Activation & Immersion Nike Fans Could Customize Their Own AR Snapchat Filter

In the lead up to the 2019 NBA All Star Weekend, Nike let fans build their own Snapchat AR filters and share them with their followers

Technology These Lenses Turn Your Phone Into A Portable Microscope

BLIPS makes it easier to take a much closer look at everyday objects

Work iPhone Lenses Attach Like A Sliding Tile Puzzle Game

Puzzles provides a smartphone case that allows for the easy and fun way to change camera lenses

Innovation Experimental Lens Provides Humans With Wide-Angle Insect Vision

New technology could revolutionize surgical imaging and smartphone photography.

Design Smartphone Case Turns Phone Into Virtual Reality Goggles

An affordable alternative to access AR technology using your mobile device.

Advertising Contact Lens Turns The Human Eye Into a Telescope

Researchers have created a potential solution to prevent the leading cause of blindness in adults.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Peer-To-Peer Camera Lending Service For Photographers Of All Levels

Getting hold of the gear you need for a perfect photo-shoot just got easier

Design LED-Lit Bicycle Helmet Is Visible From Any Angle

Submission for James Dyson Award features design to ensure the cyclist can be seen by all other road users.

Technology Instagram-Style Lenses For Your DSLR Camera

Get the effects from the popular photo sharing app on your digital camera.

Design 2 In 1 Glasses Flip Between Sunglasses And Spectacles [Pics]

Giulio Iacchetti's humorous "4occhi" eyewear has four lenses, which can be turned upside down to switch between distance/close-up, or shades and glasses.

Design Switch Your Look With Ray-Ban's Interchangeable Lenses

Ray-Ban's classic aviator sunglasses get an upgrade, with three sets of lenses you can swap in and out.