leo burnett

Advertising McDonald's Presents Weather News As Menu Emojis

Digital billboards give live forecast updates as burgers and fries

Design These Matches Use A Simple Design To Solve A Common Problem

Designer Leo Burnett may just have designed 'The Perfect Match'

Entertainment Campaign Invites Ordinary People To Record Voices For Museum Exhibits

Chicagoans can lend their voices to the specimen exhibits at the Field Museum by visiting its pop-up audio booth

Food & Beverage IKEA's Clever Posters Help People Effortlessly Cook Meals At Home

A new campaign wants people to have fun with their food using these instructional posters

Advertising No More Bumper Bullies with Fiat's Latest Billboard

This experiential campaign for Fiat makes use of the car's ultrasound parking sensors to help Germans parallel park

Video Newspaper Ink Repels Mosquitos For A Bug-Free Morning Read

Popular Sri Lankan paper keeps insects away with Citronella essence.

Luxury Coca-Cola Invented A Fridge That Chills Drinks Without Power

The brand's Bio Cooler does not need electricity.

Work Electricity Company Creates Their Brochure Completely Off The Grid [Video]

Leo Burnett Lisboa created a brochure for EDP's campaign using techniques that don’t rely on electricity.

Advertising Ad Agency Harnesses Kids' Creative Potential

Leo Burnett took some firsthand advice on thinking like a kid in a new campaign for the World Wildlife Fund.

Work YouTube Skip Ad Button Helps Highlight The Plight Of Ex-Cons [Video]

In a campaign video, Leo Burnett Change highlights the difficulties that ex-prisoners face when looking for jobs.

Design Self-Washing Shirt Ensures That Students Never Have To Do Laundry [Video]

Tide tries to save mothers across the country from their children's dirty laundry.

Advertising Logo-Free Ads Stir Emotions In Unsuspecting Viewers [Video]

Le Communique Art Show exhibit displayed ads stripped of their branding to engage young people and show them how creative the industry can be.

Design McDonalds’ Releases Happy Meal Boxes That Double As Intricate Paper Sculptures [Pics]

Detailed dioramas are the latest advertising effort aimed at promoting reading in young children.

Technology Jeep GPS Purposely Gets Drivers Lost To Take Them Into Nature [Video]

The app helps drivers discover 28 off-road spots in Argentina, and lets them choose between terrains like mountain, sand, or woods.