Design Temporary Monogrammed Linens Disappear With The Wash

This clever way of putting monograms on linen is ephemeral but distinctive.

Work 3D-Printed Letterpress Brings Modernity To A Dated Technique [Video]

Designed by Technificio and Lino’s Type, 'Stampomatica' uses current technology to create old-fashioned prints.

Advertising Illustration Of The Brooklyn Bridge Designed Using Only Typography [Video]

Artist has begun the painstaking task of redesigning New York’s most loved transport link with intricate typefaces.

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Letterpress printed mementos that make self-promotion more memorable

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A creative app that lets you design your own letter print on a digital platform.

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Leo Burnett teams up with Art Director's Club for a unique art show that doubled as an office launch for their New York outpost.

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A novel mash-up using classic toys and an archaic printing technique.

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Brooklyn-based artist Stukenborg creates geometric-pattern prints using dice as a tool for letterpress print design.