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Technology Record Radio-Quality Sound Files Suitable for Library of Congress

StoryCorps app might change what's available for oral history and philosophy for centuries to come

Design 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

IKEA removes women from Middle Eastern catalogs, Free digital textbooks, a 625-foot-tall Staten Island Ferris Wheel, and proof that the Library of Congress should accept public submissions to stay relevant...Links to start your day with.

Technology Which One Has More Photos: Facebook, Flickr or The Library of Congress? [Infographic]

A new infographic describes the breakdown in terms of number of images owned by various social media outlets versus a major cultural institution.

Work 21-Year-Old Stanley Kubrick On Assignment in Chicago [Pics]

Library of Congress holds master filmmaker's early photojournalist work for Look magazine.

Gaming & Play Preserving Virtual Worlds: A Project To Archive Video Games

A project to chronicle one of the most popular recreational pastimes is underway.