Light Bulb

Design Wooden LED Light Bulb Glows Red Through Natural Rings and Markings

LEDON and Ryosuke Fukusada teams up to create a bulb encased in a thin layer of pine

Design 3D-Printed Light Bulb Shaped Like A City Skyline [Pics]

David Graas designed the Huddle bulbshade featuring city buildings rising out of it.

Home WiFi Light Bulb Can Be Controlled With A Smartphone [Video]

LIFX is a Kickstarter project that aims to create a high-tech home lighting system that can be adjusted from anywhere at anytime.

Technology Humble Lighting Fixture Is Soundsystem And Light Bulb In One

Sleek household item fulfills your illumination and sonic requirements in a discreet fashion.

Design A Redesign For The World's First Solar-Powered Light Bulb

This year Nokero introduced the innovative light source. The N200 is its brighter, stronger and more robust successor.

Video (Video) Levitation Aesthetics

A levitating light bulb uses wireless energy.

Design A Light Bulb You'll Want To Display

The Plumen 001 will last up to 8 years, and uses 80% less electricity than traditional versions.