Light Painting

Work Robot Creates Light Paintings Based On Rap Lyrics [Pics]

A rap scholar uses artists' geographical locations, aspirations and favorite locales to create stunning visualizations.

Design Glowing Wand Creates Impromptu Light Paintings [Video]

Pixelated images hover around the city in never before seen brilliance and animation.

Advertising Key Trends Driving Light's Expression Of Identity [Future of Light]

Scalable lighting technologies are making it possible for individuals, brands and entire cities to visually express their identity and communicate it to the wider community.

Technology Venue 'Hacks' Google To Inject Light-Shows Into Its Virtual Tour [Pics]

Photographers Damien Leleux and Nicolas Bernard created a virtual tour that features specially-placed light paintings.

Advertising Time-Lapse Video Demonstrates The Dangers Of Light Pollution

The creative agency Super Frog Saves Tokyo uses light painting techniques for a hard-hitting visual about the night sky.

Design Dresses Made Out Of Light [Pics]

Photographer Alton Conrad places models in dark rooms and uses light brushes to capture these unique designs with long exposure.

Design 3D Geometric Light Graffiti Creates Mesmerizing Glow

Japan-based photographer and expert light painter, Trevor Williams makes three-dimensional light sculptures that redefine their surroundings.

Technology Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Generate Beautiful Light Paintings

A new art project illuminates the path of the Roomba cleaning robot, creating stunning pieces from their seemingly random movements.

Design Light Painted Animation Makes A Piano Play

Using long exposure photography, Ryan Cashman manipulates light to bring to this animated piano player to life.

Technology Balls Of Light Illuminate The Landscapes

Australian professional light painter and photographer Denis Smith shares his insight on his lights.

Retail Reebok Launch Classic Lite Collection With Light Painting Show [Video]

Three artists collaborated and displayed off their unique work in downtown Miami as part of the brand's We R Classic project.

Design Visualizing The Networked City: What Wi-Fi Looks Like

Light painting traces the ethereal communication conduits of our urban environment.

Work (Pics) Light Calligraphy

Julien Breton brings old and new artisan techniques together in his intricate work.

Light Painting With A Mobile Phone

Inspired by BERG London's recent experiments, Janine Pauke has created her own version.