light therapy

Health Swedish Pharmacy Provides Health-Boosting Natural Light For Passersby

Apotek Hjärtat aims to raise people's low vitamin D stores this winter with light therapy window displays

Design Sleep Better And Wake Up More Rested With This Bedside Device

Circadia is a device that is meant to help re-sync people's internal body clocks

Advertising Swedish Students Get Light Therapy From Stored Solar Panel Energy

Power company helps to combat winter tiredness and depression

Innovation Light Therapy Glasses Can Cure Seasonal Affective Disorder

The device shines fake sunlight into the wearer's peripheral vision to help eliminate blues associated with lack of Vitamin D.

Retail Key Trends Driving Light’s Positive Impact On People’s Lives

Innovations are exploring the transformative power of light in promoting well-being and creating more opportunities for economies and activities to take place.

Technology Delta Demos Light Shower That Cures Jet Lag

The airline is showing off a concept shower at TED that recreates the effects of sunlight to help people recover from a long flight.

Technology Mood-Boosting 'Headphones' Send Light Directly To The Brain

An unusual but reportedly effective way to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Innovation Bus Stops Offer Light Therapy To Fight The Winter Blues

Commuters are treated to a special lighting system that helps combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Design Light Therapy Café Brightens Dark Winter Months

Iglo light café offers light therapy as a cure to sun deprived Stockholmers throughout the dark months of October to March.