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A Q&A with Geoff Teehan on why the ubiquitous 'like' needed a big change

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Home Man Assaults Wife For Not 'Liking' His Facebook Update [Headlines]

Benito Apolinar punched his wife in the face when she didn't give his status commemorating his mother's death the thumbs-up.

Technology A German State Bans Facebook 'Likes' For Your Privacy

In the interest of protecting privacy among its internet users, the German state of Schleswig-Holstein has imposed a €50,000 fine on state websites that use Facebook and 'Like' buttons on their sites after September of this year.

Work Jeff Jarvis: Much To Dislike About Germany's Ban On 'Like' [Headlines]

"I see no violation of privacy, no sneaky stealing of user information worthy of this action and press release – which, by the way, Weichert issued without taking to Facebook."

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A French teenager's entrepreneurial venture could change the way you consume your favorite information online.

Retail American Express Links Offers to Your Social Graph

American Express is launching Link, Like, Love - a Facebook-based application that will target offers to cardmembers based on their and their friends' activity across the social graph.

Advertising Diesel Brings Facebook 'Likes' To Real-World Products

At clothing displays, mobile tags will be available for customers to scan and see similar items in the collections, as well as a Facebook button that lets the shopper to share the item on their wall.

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Facebook will soon add a new button to accompany "like."

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The New Yorker is offering exclusive content to those who 'like' the magazine on Facebook.

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