Technology How Emotion Tracking Provides Insight Into Consumer Behavior

Emotionally sensitive technology allows brands and consumers to analyze responses to products, services and experiences

Technology How AI Can Help People Improve Their Communication Skills

As concerns abound regarding degradation of social skills in an increasingly digitized world, new applications teach humans emotional and communicative intelligence

Design Inclusive Typeface Combines Braille With The Visual Alphabet

Braille Neue allows sighted and non-sighted people to read the same typeface, doing away with the need for multiple iterations of the same information

Advertising Duolingo Pranked Language Learners With Its Own Craft Beer

For April Fool's Day, Duolingo promised its brand of craft beer would help drinkers become fluent in any foreign language

Advertising AI Recreates The Voice Of JFK To Deliver A Final Speech

A project from The Times of London brings President John F. Kennedy's voice to the speech that was never delivered, 55 years after his assassination

Retail Microsoft's AI Wants To Teach You Chinese

Microsoft launched a language app called Learn Chinese that uses AI as a conversational assistant

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel AR Concept Helps Language Learners Translate Names Of Everyday Objects

Using augmented reality, this engineer's nifty tool translates the names of objects with a simple point and tap

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Uber Is Teaching Customers Sign Language With New Feature

The service is a part of the company's mission to improve working life for deaf drivers

Entertainment Streaming Service Teaches Viewers Chinese And Korean

Viki's "Learn Mode" makes it easy to stop the show and catch up

Children This Book Collects "Lost Words" To Teach Children About The Magic Of The Outdoors

Author Robert Macfarlane's new illustrated book seeks to reestablish the connection between children and nature

Retail Vending Machine Accepts Dialects As A Form Of Payment

Coca-Cola made a vending machine that allows a person to speak a phrase in a specific Swedish dialect to win a drink

Design 3D-Printed Hand Translates Sign Language On The Fly

The device is able to translate text to sign language automatically

Interview How Instagram Is Being Used As A Language Learning Tool

Several Instagram accounts dedicated to teaching language have developed a passionate following

Design Bluetooth Earpieces Translate Foreign Languages In Real Time

Two people with WT2 earpieces can communicate with one another verbally, even if they don't speak the same language