lithium-ion battery

Design Researchers Can Now Make Batteries From Garbage

According to new findings, sodium-ion batteries can be made with otherwise discarded goods

Technology Self-Charging Battery Keeps Your Devices Going

New mobile charging tech is being developed by scientists that uses sunlight

Innovation Battery Could Have Prevented All Those Hoverboard Fires

Researchers develop energy source that shuts down before a hoverboard overheats

Design iPad2 Cover With Built-In Speakers Boosts Volume By 300%

The Sound Cover project by Petur Olafsson is seeking backing on Kickstarter.

Design Solowheel: A Portable, Self-Balancing Unicycle

The single-wheeled vehicle uses gyro sensors for balancing, while a Lithium-ion battery powers it for up to two hours.

Design Dyson's Cordless, Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

A new, slimmer version of the traditional device does away with many of the conventional features associated with it.

Advertising Wristband Charger For Powering Gadgets On The Go [Pic]

A wearable device acts as a back up power source.

Luxury Yacht Runs On Wind Energy (Even With No Sails)

A eco-friendly boat uses wind to power a lithium-ion battery system.