lithium-ion battery

Innovation Battery Could Have Prevented All Those Hoverboard Fires

Researchers develop energy source that shuts down before a hoverboard overheats

Design iPad2 Cover With Built-In Speakers Boosts Volume By 300%

The Sound Cover project by Petur Olafsson is seeking backing on Kickstarter.

Design Solowheel: A Portable, Self-Balancing Unicycle

The single-wheeled vehicle uses gyro sensors for balancing, while a Lithium-ion battery powers it for up to two hours.

Design Dyson's Cordless, Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

A new, slimmer version of the traditional device does away with many of the conventional features associated with it.

Advertising Wristband Charger For Powering Gadgets On The Go [Pic]

A wearable device acts as a back up power source.

Luxury Yacht Runs On Wind Energy (Even With No Sails)

A eco-friendly boat uses wind to power a lithium-ion battery system.