Design Eco Bridge Connects Two Mountain Peaks

The winner of an eco bridge competition features a curved walkway overlooking a highway

Entertainment This Tiny Device Is A Portable Turntable For Tapes

The ELBOW player could be a dream come true for 90s kids nostalgic for the medium

Fitness & Sport Swim Goggles Double As Virtual Training Assistant

The Ovao goggle attachment lets swimmers see their heart rate instantly in a small heads-up-display

Work Artist Uses Bikes And Motorcycles To Create Interactive Street Art [Pics]

Street artist enhances the interactivity with his work by combining it with real objects.

Advertising Iconic Coca-Cola Bottles Morph Shape To Music [Video]

Lithuanian agency KORB created a promo film for a community contest that imagines what the future Coke bottle could look like.

Technology Kinect-Powered Online Banking Logs You In With Your Face And Voice

The ETRONIKA online banking system recognizes your face, voice and gestures to login and control the processes.

Technology Lithuania Has The Fastest Internet In The World [Headlines]

The Eastern European country tops the US and the UK with their network capabilities.

Luxury Mayor Vouches For Bike Lanes By Running Over A Mercedes With A Tank [Headlines]

Treat people the way you want to be treated. The mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania bullies back cars who dangerously squeeze bicyclists in on the roads.

Advertising Blondes Cash In On Stereotype, Build Empire

With a blonde soft-drink, computer software, limousine and party bus service and pizza restaurant amongst the seventy-five business sectors already under their belt Lithuanian firm Olialia plans to build an all-blonde resort in the Maldives.

Work Monocolumn: The Cyber Defence Capital

A former Tsarist army barracks in the Estonian capital Tallinn may seem an unlikely base for honing the West’s response to the newest strategic threat: cyber warfare.