live music

Automotive Uber Hosts A Music Festival Showcasing The Talent Of Its Drivers

Uber Radio Live is a three-day concert that will highlight the music of Austin's Uber drivers, part of the brand's overarching efforts to better its company culture and support its employees, while also providing its customers with interactive entertainment

Brand Activation & Immersion Pepsi Provides Football Fans With A Multi-City Tailgate Tour

Hoping to build engagement with football season's wide-reaching audience, the retailer's tour will travel to select NFL cities and college campuses and feature events like concerts and meet and greets with team legends

Technology Concert Goers Can Now Buy Drinks By Stating Their Name

Ticketing app WillCall has introduced a feature that allows for seamless payment of bar tabs.

Innovation Live Concert’s Light Show Powered By Musician’s Mind [Video]

Former percussionist of the Grateful Dead uses EEG brainwaves to control his concerts.

Work Headphones Let Concertgoers Experience What The Musicians Hear

Listening to music straight from a concert mixing board provides unadulterated sound for fans.

Advertising Band’s Business Cards Play Music [Video]

An Electronica group creates a more musical way to make an introduction.

Technology Audiences Rate How Bands Perform Live

Showscoop harnesses the opinions and experiences of concertgoers to rate how good performers are on stage.

Technology Create Music On The iPad By Stretching And Shrinking On-Screen Waveforms

The Samplr app puts advanced mixing and recreating of your favorite music right at your fingertips.

Technology Compose A Song With Friends On Google Chrome With New ‘Jam’ Tool

The new experiment lets you create live music with up to three people in different locations.

Advertising 1-Bit Symphony: A Miniature Electronic Orchestra

A microchip in an electronic circuit is programmed to play 'live' music.

Design Griid: Turning The iPad Into A Control Hub For Musical Performances

A new versatile control software enhances live musical events.

Technology SuperGlued: The Live Music App For SXSW And Beyond

SuperGlued is an online community/mobile app for live music enthusiasts that informs you of what concerts are happening in your area.