Live Video

Home Sears Is Using Live Video To Help With On-Site Repairs

GoToAssist connects technicians in the field with experts to speed up repairs

Innovation Facilitated Living and Nano Drones Take Flight at CES 2016

The inventor of a nimble little drone branches out with hyper-connected fingertips

Technology Device Allows for Long-Distance 360 Degree Video Conferencing

Set your phone spinning – and show off the world in a new way

Design Refrigerator Tweets Live Video Whenever Its Door Is Opened

To promote its new line of cold storage appliances, LG Sweden has built a model with a social media presence.

Technology Live Video Battles Help Discover Aspiring Rappers

Created by entrepreneur Erik Torenberg, is a platform that hosts live rap competitions.

Technology Google's New Chat Service Connects Information Seekers With Experts

'Helpouts' consists of face-to-face video chats, where people can pay to get advice about topics like cooking, computers and electronics.

Technology Headset Allows Firefighters To See Beyond Smoke

Golden-i is a head-mounted computer that contains a camera, GPS, micro-display, speech recognition, and gesture control.

(Pic) Univision Adds Facebook Integration To Streaming World Cup Coverage

An early foray into what the future of social TV watching might look like.