living space

Design Home Has A Built-In Separation Of Work And Life

The structure features distinct working and living spaces in connected identical buildings

Home Live in a Different Apartment Every Hour of Every Day

As part of a space-saving apartment, origami partitions provide space-limited living arrangements with an array of layouts

Innovation Shipping Container Home Unfolds To Create Extra Living Space

The Port-A-Bach by Atelierworkshop is an upcycled container with movable walls that sleeps two adults and two children.

Technology Robotic Walls Move Themselves To Create Separate Living Spaces

Otto Ng's 'Wallbots' is a mobile wall system that can reconfigure itself based on real-time information like the weather and user behavior.

Work Flatpack, Mobile Dwelling Unit Can Pop-Up Anywhere

The ‘Cube’ is a minimalist loft designed to combine an office, bedroom, and meditation space, which can be relocated and assembled with regular DIY tools.

Design Efficient Living Space In Only 26 Square Feet

Absalon’s Cellules are small microliving spaces that have a bathroom, table, chair, and sleeping area in a compact module.

Design London’s National Theatre Uses Bee-Friendly Outdoor Furniture

London’s National Theatre has created a sustainable and fragrant outdoor environment.