Advertising Hipster Ipsum Offers Trendy Filler For Your Website

A satirical random word generator provides insight into a culture that passionately attempts to curtail its own identification.

Holga's TIM Camera Lets You Take 3D Photos

The Twin Image Maker is a double lens camera that shoots a variety of image types with its smiley face lens covering.

Technology Lo-Fi Holga Lenses Let You Hipstamatic Your Digital SLR

In light of our analog obsession in this digital age, Holga created lenses that let you take lo-fi photographs with your digital camera.

Design A Cardboard Version Of YouTube

Ad firm Brothers and Sisters demonstrates their own brand of online creativity with a lo-fi remake of the video sharing site.

Design DIY 3D Fluid Scanning Captures The World In Greater Depth [Video]

Amateur art approaches open doors for low fi 3D printing enthusiasts.

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A simple 8-bit sandbox game slowly takes the forefront in a time of high-performance gaming.

Work Grant McCracken: Low Fidelity Culture

What is the strange appeal of the lo-tech aesthetic?

Work (Pic) Recession Desk Lamp Provides Lo-Fi Lighting

Lo-Fi lighting designs are responding to both the economic recession and the tendency for designers to over-think design solutions.

Design Manzine: A Return to the Lo-Fi Print Zine Aesthetic

Manzine is a quirky, DIY take on the glossy male-focused publication.