Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Fintech Company Caters To Installment Payment Trend By Supplying Micro-Loans

Responding to the trend among millennials in China of backing everyday expenses with micro-loans, China-based company Lexin Fintech specializes in enabling installment payments for smaller purchases like meals and entertainment

Advertising Sponsored Volunteer Work Provides An Alternate Way To Pay Off Student Loans [Video]

New site offers a refreshing way to take the heavy weight of debt off young people's shoulders.

Retail 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Amazon hands out loans to small businesses, Tumblr is taking a day off, digital tipping at Starbucks and the Steve Jobs 1-year memorial...Links to start your day with.

Innovation McDonalds Caters To Poor Students With Sliding Menu Prices

The Student Loan Menu created by Global advertising agency DDB offers flexible prices to students based on the state of their finances.

Micro-Donations Help 1,000 Students Get An Education [Headlines]

A Seattle non-profit has used crowdfunding and micro loans to help 1,000 students in third world countries go to school.

Technology Groupon's Next Big Play, A Pawn Shop For The Digital Set

A virtual pawn shop brings e-commerce one step closer to mirroring real-world commerce.

Work Class Of 2011: The Most Indebted Of All Time

The average student re-paying loans this year will owe $22, 900.00 nearly double the amount of ten years ago.