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Automotive Automotive GPS Platform Waze Is Helping Retailers Anticipate Consumer Needs

The community-driven navigation app launched a proactive shift in strategy that focuses on leveraging data to predict and potentially influence driver needs

Brand Activation & Immersion Volkswagen Children’s App Creates Location-Based Interactive Experiences

German Automaker Volkswagen plans to reach parents by appealing to children with a GPS-enabled interactive storytelling app

Interview At Platform LA, Future Malls Are Experience Buffets

We sat down with Platform founder and CEO Joey Miller to discuss how the retail space is delivering experiential pop-ups, installations and culinary partnerships

Advertising Sole Searching In The Age Of The Smartphone

We spoke with Ron Faris about creating ephemeral communities in a world where Nikes aren’t just shoes anymore, they’re status symbols—like a Rolex, for your feet

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Virtual Reality Could Be The Next Frontier In College Campus Tours

VR and three-dimension technologies are shaping industries that stand to benefit from immersive and interactive custom-built environments

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services New Beacon Tech Brings On-Demand Payments To Flights, Banks And More

German hotel app company Conichi is launching a new service to provide on-demand service to multiple industries

Design Where In NYC Were Famous Album Covers Shot?

Using Google Maps, a new website aims to showcase the present locations on iconic albums produced and shot primarily in New York City.

Luxury Starwood Hotels Extends Loyalty Program To China's Equivalent Of Foursquare

The partnership allows Chinese travellers to earn check-in rewards at over 200 hotels & resorts in Asia Pacific.

Home Receive Location-Based Alerts Of Where Your Friends Are On-Demand With SecuraFone

New mobile app uses GPS technology to locate a phone and inform users of activity in a pre-determined area.

Technology American Express Partners With Foursquare At SXSW

In anticipation of the launch of Foursquare's 3.0 platform, the company has partnered with American Express in a move that signals the future of mobile payments.

Advertising Crowdbeacon: When Quora Meets Yelp

A location-based Q&A application searches Foursquare, Yelp and Wishpond - and lets individuals and businesses respond to your search with real-time recommendations.

Technology Foursquare Adds New Social Features

Foursquare's new updates add Facebook-like features to its location-based service.

Gaming & Play This Week In Brand Strategy & Advertising

PSFK curates some of the brand strategy, digital and creative advertising news and ideas that caught our attention this past week.

Work Geo-Fencing: A Location-Based Service Alternative

A new program in the UK will target opt-in subscribers with location-based offers from Starbucks and L'Oreal - without depending on smartphones or GPS.