Location Based Services

Advertising How Intelligent Cities Are Engaging Citizens With Gaming

City dwellers in Bristol can interact with urban objects and infrastructure that can then converse with city systems to manage traffic.

Retail Neiman Marcus Helps You Find And Buy Items In-Store With Your Smartphone

The department store chain releases an in-store personal shopping app that helps sales associates connect with shoppers to provide an enhanced retail experience.

Technology Google Quietly Launches Foursquare Competitor App [Headlines]

World's largest search engine introduces a Leaderboard-style, location-based service for Latitude that combines it with Google+.

Home UK Department Store Targets Holiday Shoppers With Mobile Campaign & Free Wi-Fi

House of Fraser will use real-time, location-based services to send customers personalized texts.

Retail PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we've learned about this past week.

Technology Apple's New App Rivals Location-Based Services

Find My Friends will allow users to locate their family and friends at any given time.

Design Place Pulse Crowdsources Our Understanding Of Urban Spaces

A new urban interface uses social reaction to judge urban spaces, creating a new experience of city life.

Advertising Foursquare Prepares For Mainstream, Real-World Growth

As the location-based services platform hits 10MM users and earns $50MM in incremental funding, we ponder what type of partnerships may help deepen its reach into the 'real world.'

Advertising PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2011: Naveen Selvadurai On The Future Of Foursquare [Video]

Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai was one of the surprise speakers at at PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2011. He updated the audience on how the service is using data to fuel powerful tools to help people better explore their city.

Advertising Starwood Hotels Implements a Foursquare Loyalty Program

Starwood's new partnership with Foursquare places a firm focus on customer loyalty.

Work Location-Based Services And The 2012 Elections

Mashable reports that the upcoming American presidential elections may be a completely different landscape for politicians due to the ascendancy in location-based services such as Foursquare.

Technology Location Apps Generate Privacy Concerns [Headlines]

A report by the market research firm Nielsen found that many Americans are concerned about privacy risks with location-based services and mobile applications.

Technology Hyperlocal News Service Indexes the Web by Location

As more and more location-based services pop up, there is both an opportunity and a need to have all that data organized. Enter Fwix, who describe themselves as a hyperlocal news service and GeoData platform

Advertising The Gap's Facebook Places Deal: Free Jeans!

The retailer's free offer using Facebook Places last week, certainly received attention - but will those free denim recipients become longer-term Gap customers?