Design Mouse Pad Charges A Wireless Mouse While It's Being Used

The mouse pad keeps a wireless mouse fully charged, removing the need to change or charge batteries from an outside source

Automotive Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Join You In Your Car

The smart home assistant has existed the home and is getting in your vehicle thanks to a new Logitech device

This Single Button Is Designed To Bring Your IoT-Enabled Home To Life

The Logitech Pop offers a more connected and intuitive way to interact with your gadgets

Design Washable Keyboard Won't Break When You Spill Coffee On It

Logitech has released a keyboard that can safely be submerged in water up to 11 inches deep and has holes in the back to let it drain easily.

Design $2000 Logitech Headphones Come With A Personal Service Specialist

The tech brand creates a set of earphones that is fully customized to suit each customer's listening preferences.

Technology Wireless Keyboard For Apple Products Powered By Light

Tech peripheral can charge via the sun or a lamp.

Work Logitech IT Vending Machines Keep Employees Well-Stocked

Workers scan their ID badge and help themselves to keyboards, headsets and other pieces of tech gear.

High Number Of Returns Forces Google To Slash Price Of Its TV Box, Revue [Headlines]

Google hopes slashing the price of its TV box, Revue, will attract more customers to buy it and hopefully, keep it.