London Design Festival

Design The Taste of Times New Roman

Type Tasting explores how different fonts can subtly influence our senses, influencing our purchases

Advertising Who’s Branding Whom? Exploring Our Future Relationship with Brands

Together with artist Michael Murphy, creative consultancy Lippincott invites us to a conversation on our bond with brands and where that is headed

Home Flock of Pigeons Monitor Air Quality and Report Back on Twitter

Pigeon Air Patrol is a concept design for the #PoweredByTweets contest that would strap pigeons with tiny backpacks so they can measure levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide

Features A 90-Second Ride Into the Future of Virtual Reality

The man who put the 3D visual magic into Harry Potter has set his sights on the future of everything—from ‘experiential branding’ to training surgeons

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airbnb Charges Artists to Interpret the Housewarming Experience

Airbnb partnered with design firm Fabrica to unveil an installation designed to show the importance of connecting guests with a home

Innovation Biological Materials Could Create Cars That Adapt And Repair Themselves

An interview series with designer Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg unveils a potential future for the automotive industry.

Design Yves Behar’s Soda Maker Can Be Customized To Fit Any Kitchen Color Scheme [Pics]

The SodaStream Play can be designed to fit the customer's preferences.

Home Gateway Of Paper Windmills Turns In The Breeze [Pics]

Created for the London Design Festival, Najla El Zein’s Wind Portal features thousands of mini sculptues in a doorway at the V&A museum.

Work Modular Glass Living Pod Helps Researchers Investigate Light's Infinite Health Benefits

The Photon Pod will gather data and insight into how digital lighting affects our bodies and minds.

Design Escher-Inspired Staircase Leads Londoners To The Sky

The Endless Stair installation will be placed in the grounds of the Tate Modern during the London Design Festival.

Technology Bespoke Music Box Helps Dementia Patients Remember [Pics]

Graduate student uses music and RFID technology to evoke and helo recover memories of elderly people.

Design Magnetic Panels Allow Users To Stick Their Metalware Directly To The Wall

By mixing special materials into cement, dolomite and terrazzo, users are able to affix their pots, pans, knives, keys directly to the surface.

Technology Giant Crystal Made Of Paper Broadcasts London's Real Time Urban Data

The PRISM installation invites guests to the very top of the Victoria and Albert Museum, offering weather updates and market prices as well as physical views of London.

Syndicated Improving Our City Streets & A Czech Animation Project [PechaKucha]

Today's trip through the PechaKucha archives uncovers presentations on how to make city streets more friendly, functional and efficient.