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January 16, 2019 | New York City
Consumers increasingly value high-quality customer service and the ability to co-create their brand experiences with the companies themselves, which has led to brands implementing more immersive technologies to create more customized loyalty program experiences
August 15, 2018

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Layne Braunstein is the executive creative director and founder of Fake Love, an experiential agency that focuses on immersive commercial and artistic visual storytelling. In 2012, Fake Love collaborated with Marc Jacobs design team to create 4 unconventional interactive storefront window installations for the holidays.  The ‘Winter Windows’ were both engaging and festive featuring familiar holiday characters that mimicked the motions of the users interacting with it. Layne has 20 years of experience in both interactive and visual effects production.


Adam is an entrepreneur. He is the chairman and CEO of Assembled Brands, a collection of fashion brands, and co-founder and chairman of General Assembly, a private school for professional development.

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Jordan Schneck explains the intuitive strategy that launched the famous Impossible Burger

August 10, 2018

Jeffrey Bjorn is making games that "parents like and kids love," addressing the issue we're facing where kids are playing less with more creatively restrictive playthings

June 3, 2015
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