Automotive Brand Innovation Tracker: June

Analysis shows how brands in automotive, footwear & retail are perceived in terms of innovation (and that luxury might be dead)

Home Lowe's Concept Store Lets Customers Try Out IoT Home Products

'SmartSpot' is a store-within-a-store that Lowe's is now expanding across the U.S.

Design Why Lowe's Turned To Comic Books To Understand Their Retail Future

Lowe's Innovation Labs uses comic books to describe new products it has in its stores

Advertising Lowe's Found A New Way To Present Instagram Stories For DIY Projects

Lowe's posted a DIY project of converting a tiny room into something useful with Instagram Stories that let viewers flip back to review the details

Food & Beverage Surge Pricing Is Coming To The Supermarket

Retailers are increasingly using customers' personal data to decide how much to charge for products

Innovation Lowe's Outfits Warehouse Employees With Robotic Suits

The home retailer collaborated with Virginia Tech to develop assistive exosuits that help prevent injury when lifting heavy objects

Retail Lowe's IoT Remote Is Aimed At Making Connected Homes Work Better

The retailer has updated their Iris payment structure to bring smart homes and monitoring services together in one application

Retail How Artificial Intelligence Is Enabling Anytime Shopping & On-Demand Support

Retailers are leveraging advanced technology to relieve associates from mundane tasks, while better assisting customers

Retail Lowe's Is Launching Its Own Line Of Retail Robots

The home improvement chain brings service AI to its California branches

Retail Interactive Snapchat Stories Make DIY Home Projects Just A Tap Away

Lowe's has turned their social platform's tap feature into a tool to improve homes

Design A Trip to Lowe's Will Soon Include HoloLens Redecoration

No more paint swatches or sample squares; visualize your dream design in augmented reality

Innovation 3D Printing Hardware Supplies In SPAAAAACE

Lowe's to send commercial 3D printer to International Space Station

Home How Minimizing Inventory On Floor Can Revamp A Retail Experience [Future of Retail]

A new breed of digital technologies and delivery options can reduce the need for inventory in-store and allow a refocus on customer interactions and experiences.