Store Experience & Design Private Jet Service Offers Travelers Luxury Amenities At Airline Price Tags

AURA provides members with custom culinary offerings, cheap one-way ticket and a VR headset that puts them atop the cabin, making the tailored, luxury flying experience available to a wider audience

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Lufthansa Lets Business Travelers Dine Like An Astronaut

The German airline lets its business class passengers get a taste of outer space this summer with its limited-edition meal offerings that its catering arm created for a space mission, piquing consumer interest with a way to make plane food more interesting

Design Why Lufthansa Gave Its Brand Design A Refresh

The airline with an iconic design has revamped its image to remain relevant in the digital age

Advertising Lufthansa Offers Product Tests And Live Presentations As In-Flight Entertainment

German airline Lufthansa is coming up with new ideas to make flights go by faster

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Lufthansa Is Using Blockchain To Improve Flight Booking

The airline has partnered with Winding Tree to make it easier for travelers to book their flight and hotel in one place without having to go through third parties

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Lufthansa Wants To Turn Airplanes Into Event Spaces

The airline is hosting a new series of technology-focused live event streams on flights with special guests for passengers to watch and interact with

Retail Air France Looks To The Blockchain To Improve Service

The airline expressed interest in starting to use blockchain in its supply chain for maintenance and repairs

Entertainment In-Flight Entertainment Concept Puts More Content At Flyers' Fingertips

Martin Oberhäuser created the idea for Lufthansa's infotainment devices to make the interface more user friendly

Advertising Lufthansa Lists Tickets On Airbnb To Fill Empty Seats

The German airline is the first one in its industry to use the lodging rental site to sell airfare

Home Brands Grant Travelers Access to Experiences Before They Book

The Future of Travel 2016 report examines how virtual tech can provide customers with instant access to products and services

Innovation 3D Print a Perfect Picture Onto Your Latte in Seconds

The Ripple Maker lets brands—including airline Lufthansa—serve highly-personalized messages to their customers with every sip

Luxury PSFK's Best Brands in Travel Index for 2014

PSFK highlights the key brands that are doing the most to revolutionize the air travel experience.

Work How the Airplane is Becoming the New Office

PSFK look at how technology is Increasing productivity and facilitating serendipitous business connections at 30,000 feet.

Home How Technology is Making Travel Worry-Free

PSFK's Future of Travel series explores how technology is removing unnecessary burdens and stresses to create a seamless travel experience.