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Advertising 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Twitter knocks over Facebook in sales, the stats on how many people would answer their phones during sex, and China's disenchantment with Louis Vuitton...Links to start your day with.

Luxury Why Burberry's 'Made In Britain' Tagline Is A Lie [Headlines]

How luxury brands often escape criticism from consumers when they move production facilities to China.

Design What Is Causing The Rise Of Designer Children Clothes? [Headlines]

Sales for children's clothing outpaced women's clothing last year- why the market is booming.

Technology Top 5 Social Curation Sites For Luxury Brands [Headlines]

The production of social content is no longer just for bloggers, large companies must participate to stay ahead in the market. Here are the tools needed.

Retail How Can Luxury Brands Prepare For Affluent Millenials? [Headlines]

As the fastest growing consumer segment in the market, retailers need to learn how to appeal to this group.

Home Peer-To-Peer Online Exchange For Couture

reFashioner lets members sell and swap luxury clothes, and use their store credit to buy more items.

Innovation Bergdorf Goodman Looks To Facebook For The Design Of New Fendi Bag

The high-end luxury retailer has launched a contest to crowdsource the design of its next Fendi 2Bag.

Advertising Co-Branding: Mixing Street Art With Ads

Ludo gives his unique touch to the advertisements from some of the world's biggest luxury brands.

Home Prada's Localized Product Collection

Luxury brand looks to engage with quality, local products.