Glowing Toilets in Spain Protest Gag Law That Dumps On Democracy

Art group Luzinterruptus created a politically-motivated installation that takes a "stand" against the controversial bill

Design Water-Filled Condom Installation Lights Up Public Square [Pics]

Spanish lighting collective create installation inspired by rain.

Home Street Artists Create An Urban "River" Complete With Fish [Pics]

Guerilla designers lay 2000 plastic bags in the middle of a busy footpath.

Advertising Madrid Street Ad Takeover: Another Vision For Public Space

The aim of this project is to change perspectives of public behavior and space in our shared environments.

Design (Pic) Urban Bird Nest

Scaffolding becomes the canvas for an imaginative urban art intervention.

Advertising (Pics) Mosquitos Attack Ads In Madrid

An art group's demonstration against the overuse of perfect models in advertisements.

Home (Pics) Packaged Vertical Gardens

A Spanish light artists group has put up packaged containers containing leaves and branches and green LEDs on buildings in Madrid.