Beauty Augmented Reality Mirrors Help MAC Customers Try Different Shades

The technology lets shoppers try on different products the same time with just the touch of a button

Design Retro-Future Macintosh Hybrid is a Fusion of Bold and Old

Fantasy design takes Apple's obsession with thinness and touch screens in an inspired direction

Gaming & Play Simple OS X App Helps You Concentrate On Writing

Typed is the Mac-only application that will help cut the distractions out of the writing process

Luxury Mac Screen Clutter Transformed into Digital Collages

An artist displays the digital – as well as mental – landscape

Retail MAC Debuts 'The Simpsons' Cosmetics

America's iconic cartoon family gets memorialized with limited-edition makeup line

Advertising Apple’s Newest Ad Was Filmed Entirely With iPhones [Video]

The tech giant released an 87-second video that depicts how their products are used around the world.

Home Security System Lets Users Knock On Their Phone To Unlock Their Laptop [Video]

A new way to unlock your Macbook without touching it.

Technology A Look Back At This Year's Apple Ads

Take a look at the various marketing efforts the tech giant has created in in 2012. A chaotic melange, or a continual fresh approach? You decide.

Design Mac OS X Mountain Lion Released Today [Headlines]

The latest operating system should probably be called iOS rather than OS X as it is the more like the mobile platform than any of its previous editions.

Luxury Orbitz Shows Higher Travel Prices On Macs Than PCs [Headlines]

If you're booking hotels using an Apple computer, you may be getting less of a bargain.

Technology Apple Will Let You Geo-Fence Your Friends [Headlines]

A new feature launching with iOS 6 will enable iPhone owners to notify their contacts when they’ve entered or left a specific location.

Work Wireless Keyboard For Apple Products Powered By Light

Tech peripheral can charge via the sun or a lamp.

Advertising Social Media Is Causing Makeup Brands To Bring Back Discontinued Products [Headlines]

Shelved mascaras, shampoos, and lipsticks are being brought back by consumer demand on sites like Facebook.

Gaming & Play Control iTunes And Spotify With Hand Gestures

Innovative software allows Mac users to operate programs with simple motions.