Technology Machine Records Ambient Noise To Remix Sounds From Reality

Collector is a device that detects sounds and composes them into a unique soundtrack

A Robotic Garden Is Roaming Around London

The project from Interactive Architecture Lab is meant to increase the interaction between people and nature

Consumer Goods Walmart Unveils New Vending Machine For Online Order Pickup

The automates system provides online order pickup to customers in-store

A Machine Is Writing Articles For The Sports Pages

The Associated Press is expanding its sports coverage with algorithm-generated stories instead of human reporters

Design World's First Mechanical 3D Printer Is Powered By Gravity

Analog 3D Printer is half machine, half kinetic sculpture

Home Create Your Perfect Cup of Coffee, From Grind to Tasting Flight

The home brewing machine allow you to customize your cup of joe with the ease of a professional barista

Design Automated Pour-Over Coffee Machine is Caffeine Fiend's Dream

Poursteady makes up to five cups simultaneously without sacrificing the quality of the brew

Design Analog Toys Get A Second Life As Artistic Robots [Videos]

Echo Yang gives a group of forgotten objects an art career of their own.

Advertising Business Survival Kit Helps Attendees Endure Tedious Conferences [Video]

Creative agency Machine created a kit to help participants get through a two-day workshop.

Advertising Mini Espresso Machine Brews Coffee On The Road [Video]

Compact design allows drivers to take coffee breaks on the go.

Technology Music Note Identifier May Lead To Earlier Parkinson’s Diagnosis

New technology can identify the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods after 'hearing' only three notes.

Retail Coke Video Vending Machine Makes Buyer Work With On-Screen Partner

Beverage company make drinkers in various countries work together to draw a virtual heart in order to both get their coke.

Design 3D Printer Vending Machine Makes Objects To Order

Dreambox provides quick and efficient lead times to consumers in a hurry

Home Bread Remains Fresh For 60 Days

A giant microwave machine is able to zap away spores that cause mold.