Analysis How Stores Like Macy's Are Using Immersive Spaces To Educate Shoppers

To bring their brand to live in memorable ways that resonate with consumers, big box retailers and startups alike are turning to live experiences like hands-on demos and workshops to help customers discover organically

Transactions & Payments Bank Debuts Technology That Lets Customers Pay By Taking A Selfie

Currently in trial at BBVA's Madrid headquarters, "Selfie & Go" aims to streamline the transaction process by letting customers snap a photo as their form of payment

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Co-Living Hybrid Caters Specifically To The Student Lifestyle

The Student Hotel, which caters to international students with housing and communal spaces, is already operating in several European cities and plans to expand to more

Retail All-Day Nap Bar Opens In Spain

A new nap bar in Spain provides a variety of rooms for visitors wanting to take a break from the day and relax

Advertising Madrid Public Transport Has Launched A Campaign Against 'El Manspreading'

Transport authorities in the Spanish capital want to encourage men to respect boundaries on bus seats and keep their legs closed

Children Madrid School Encourages Creativity Through Architectural Design

English for Fun aims to encourage and facilitate children's creativity and imagination through the design of the building

Design World's First 3D Printed Bridge Debuts In A Park In Spain

Builders of the pedestrian causeway used computations to build the most eco-friendly, structurally sound bridge

Work Designer Repurposes IKEA Furniture For A Playful Co-Working Space

Architect Izaskun Chinchilla's project embraces the DIY spirit to focus on the necessities of working in a public environment

Summer Camps For YouTube Stars Are Going Global

2bcamp in Madrid is a two-week experience that teaches 11-18-year-olds how to create quality content and build an audience

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Urban Lockers Let Travelers Explore Cities Sans Luggage

Old fashioned storerooms get a makeover for the modern traveler in Madrid, Spain

Innovation Museum Works Developed to Let the Blind "See"

The Museo del Prado launched an exhibition of 3D images that are truly heart-felt

Gaming & Play Silken Puerta América Madrid Hotel Pulls Off Design Masterpiece

19 of best designers, architects in the world create breathtaking Madrid hotel

Design Madrid Artists Blend Contrasting Styles to Bring Colorful Street Art Murals to the World

Artists Remid and Okuda blend figurative and abstract styles to paint murals from Miami to Oslo

Luxury Water-Filled Condom Installation Lights Up Public Square [Pics]

Spanish lighting collective create installation inspired by rain.