Design LG Smartphone Uses Sound To Repel Mosquitoes

The sonar technology used to craft the phone might be effective in repelling up to 72 percent of mosquitoes

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With unpredictable weather comes destruction and a host of diseases

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Rebecca Bedrossian, Global Content Director of POSSIBLE, discussed the acronyms that represent disruption and innovations—UI, VR, AR, AI—with futurist Amy Webb

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Designed by an engineering student, this garment hopes to soon save millions of lives

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The Paperfuge is an inexpensive version of the sampling mechanism used to detect infections such as malaria and HIV

Work Diagnosing Malaria with a Mobile Device

A high-school student hopes to change the face of third-world illness with his proposed phone add-ons

Advertising Kit Helps Developing World Parents Divide Pills Into Kid-Friendly Doses [Video]

New device could help save lives in countries where medicines are scarce.

Technology Origami Comic Book Film Depicts A Modern Western [Video]

Edson Oda's ‘Malaria’ combines lots of different artistic touches to create a visually stunning 5 minute film.

Design Air Conditioner Also Repels Mosquitoes

LG has created a new 'Anti-Mosquito' device that cools the air and emits ultrasonic waves to drive away the malaria-transmitting creatures.

Advertising Celebrity Comedians Raise Money For Malaria Research With Exclusive Videos

Malarious, a collection of custom-created videos on Malaria can only be watched after donating to charity.

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The Gates Foundation has released stats on what the state of malaria would be in the world with and without their contributions.

Innovation Kenyan Scientists Develop A Malaria Prediction Tool

A scientific model helps health officials deal with a deadly disease.

Luxury MassiveGood: Frequent Flyer Health Aid

MassiveGood wants to improve world health through air travel.