Retail This Experimental Service Hopes To Turn Your City’s Streets Into A News Homepage

OtherWorld is a pilot project in Manchester, UK that offers targeted news stories based on the readers geo-location

Syndicated This Block Of Apartments In Manchester Has Banned Foreign Investment

Dubbed ‘Manchester homes for Manchester people,’ the new Crusader Mill development is bucking the trend for apartments to be sold overseas, instead offering them to locals first

Baby Boomers Retirement Community Made Specifically For LGBT People

The Manchester City Council announced a housing scheme aimed at over-65 LGBT population

Design Graphene Dress Shows The Future Of Fashion Material Design

Developed at the University of Manchester, the intu marks the first time this new material has been incorporated into a garment

Advertising Giant Coffee Cups Encourage People To Recycle Their Morning Cup Of Joe

The Hubbub Foundation has created a set of themed bins meant to inspire recycling on a large scale

Automotive Tinder-Style Car Rental Service Offers Personalized Recommendations

Carla employs a unique algorithm that selects the best value vehicles for each specific person

Syndicated This Human Sensor Makes Air Pollution Visible

The hi-tech illuminated costumes worn by media artist Kasia Molga reveal changes in urban air pollution and bring together art and science

Work New Publication Lets The Voices Of Unpaid Interns Be Heard

Graduates curate their own content with an aim to initiate debate on this employment gray area.

Design Pop-Up Space Sells Bargain Experimental Designs [Pics]

Residing at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester, The Poundshop is offering designers space to showcase products priced under $20.

Work Micro Artworks Fit On The Head Of A Toothbrush

Takahiro Iwasaki turns innocuous, everyday materials such as tape and thread into small-scale pieces.

Gaming & Play Bjork Launches Her Own Interactive Educational Curriculum

The Icelandic singer is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter for her Biophilia program that will inspire creativity and a love of learning.

Home Manchester Uses Social Media To Fill Vacant Houses

Salford University is using online networks to try to get 930 houses back into use.

Advertising Lomo Wall Uses Thousands Of Photos To Recreate City

Thousands of snaps of Manchester contributed by more than 500 local people create the city in miniature. But quite a big miniature. Helen Nugent tells more

Home Britain's Iconic Red Mailboxes Get Golden Makeover In Honor Of Olympic Gold Medalists

The Royal Mail pays tribute to winning athletes by changing the design of their pillar boxes for the first time since 1874.