Automotive Manila Could Soon Implement A Capsule-Based Transportation System

If accepted, the proposal would free traffic, save lives and promote the Filipino city's local culture

Divide Between Art and Participant is Broken in Interactive Museum

'Trick art' museum in Manila makes the museumgoer the center of attention

Be Center of Museum Experience, Step into Works of Art

The world's largest 'trick art' museum welcomes flash photography with open arms

Innovation Event Invitation Doubles As Fish Food

Visitors to Nuvali, an eco-community located in the Philippines, were encouraged to feed the resident koi fish with their event invitation, which was composed of fish-friendly food and edible ink.

Advertising HELLZ x Vans Fall 2011 Collaboration To Be Launched In The Philippines

Hellz and Vans kick off their second collaborative effort in the Philippines this fall.

Design Urban Interventions Stir Creativity, Interaction

A quick look at city-based artworks and campaigns that encourage creativity with the mundane urban landscape.

Work Alternative Air Conditioning Cools Down Manila

Portable air coolers that lower room temperatures at low financial and environmental cost are rapidly spreading in the capital of the Philippines

Home Destination Manila: Emerging Lifestyle Brands

A cluster of dynamic lifestyle brands is erupting out of the city of Manila, even amidst a booming population of 10 million people, political corruption and Islamic terrorism in the South.

Advertising MarkProf: Non-Profit Marketing Intelligence

Non-profits like MarkProf Foundation are filling the marketing education gap in the Philippines and boosting employment while they're at it.

Technology Socially Networked Rescue Relief in Manila

Using social networking tools, Filipino citizens were able to band together to help victims of a recent flood.