Brand Activation & Immersion Dove Chocolate Improves Job Security For Female Workers In West Africa

As part of a campaign for International Women's Day, the chocolatier's new facility on the Ivory Coast aims to give its primarily female employees greater resources and support

Fashion & Apparel Levi's & Harvard Use Blockchain Tech To Enable Real-Time Worker Welfare Monitoring

Aiming to promote factory worker welfare, the apparel retailer is teaming up with the university to pilot a platform that enables real-time anonymous feedback from employees themselves

Beauty 'Fast-Beauty' Retailer Disrupts Industry With Speedy Production And Brand Flexibility

Be for Beauty has been called the "ASOS of beauty," offering consumers multiple brands under its main umbrella and utilizing a speedy manufacturing process to meet consumer demands for ever-new products

Delivery & Logistics Tiffany & Co's Offsite Design Workshop Will Speed Up The Brand's New Launches

The jewelry brand is aiming to streamline its production process to be ready when consumer demand arises, responding to needs for speed and efficiency while also enhancing the company's design innovations

Loyalty & Membership DTC Accessories Brand Breaks Down Cost For Consumers With Transparent Pricing

Shoppers can view a list of production costs, from materials to duties and transportation, on Oliver Cabell's website

Merchandising & Curation Automated Manufacturing Enables Local Bike Production For Netherlands Brand

Mokumono Bicycles uses a style of manufacturing that combines automation and robotics to streamline the process and reduce the need for foreign production

Automotive BMW Introduces Personal Electric Transport For Factory Workers

BMW is experimenting with a short-range mobility concept that allows workers to do their jobs more quickly and efficiently

Technology How Companies Are Increasing Operational Flexibility And Worker Support Using IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) uses sensors to provide instant feedback to workers and decision makers to bolster efficiency

Delivery & Logistics How IoT Can Prevent Manufacturing Problems Before They Occur

Manufacturers are using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to enable better safety protocols and quicker fixes to maintenance issues

Fashion & Apparel Levi's Is Using Lasers To Produce A More Eco-Friendly Pair Of Jeans

A new process for manufacturing distressed denim cuts down on production time as well as environmental impact

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Continental And Avis Turn Renters' Phones Into Keyless Entry Devices

Renters can now lock/unlock and start the engine from a mobile app

Retail Adidas Bids For The Future Of Footwear Production With Speedfactory

The groundbreaking manufacturing process is tailored to cities and optimized for athletes

Consumer Goods Robots Use Static Electricity To Make Nike Shoes

Robotics startup Grabit uses static instead of "fingers" to gather materials and assembles Nikes at 20 times the pace of a human worker