Design Subway Map Redesigned For Individual Riders

Nate Parrot gives the subway map an interactive refresh

Cafe & Restaurant Google Displays Wait Times For Restaurants In Search And Maps

Google's newest update will let users know how long they may have to wait at a restaurant to get a table

Advertising Real-Time Map Tracks Air Pollution In Cities

Breezometer has created an interactive tool that measures particulates around the world

Technology Google's New Map Feature Lets You Explore The Earth Infinitely With Gesture

Draw a line and the program will complete the picture to correspond to any place in the world

Design Redesigned World Map Challenges Our Traditional Perspectives

The project from a designer at Pentagram flips the familiar image of the world upside down to question why we think of certain regions as north or south

Syndicated NYC Map Calculates Economic Benefits Of Every Tree

TreesCount! maps all the greenery in the five boroughs and even figures out how much money it saves the city

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Introduces New Search And Map Features

The service provides real-time info on how crowded stores are and how long people spend there

Fashion & Apparel Carry A Map Of NYC On A Handbag

The bag from Bottega Veneta has been designed exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman to celebrate New York City

Twitter Bot Generates A Fictional Universe Every Hour

A sci-fi-inspired algorithm creates detailed topographies based on principles of natural science

Fitness & Sport Redesigned London Tube Map Aims To Get People Walking

The updated display illustrates approximately how many steps it takes to walk between stations for a healthier commute

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Crowdsourcing Used To Map Nicaragua's Transportation Network

A grassroots organization is plotting out transit routes as a way to serve areas in need

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Redesigned Map Turns Paris Into A Circular City

This intuitive interface makes it easier for tourists to explore the French capital

Home Interactive Map Shows What You Need To Earn To Afford A One-Bedroom Across America

Shocking data shows a widening gap between people's pay and the cost of living.

Advertising Minecraft World Contains A Full-Size Replica Of Manhattan

Student is building one of the most intricate structures the indie game has seen.