Shopper Education & Assistance Jaguar Allows Drivers To Test Out Cost-Savings Before Committing To EV

User-generated data on the auto brand's mobile app demonstrates how purchasing a Jaguar I-PACE allows consumers to cut down on driving costs, helping build customer confidence in buying EV

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel How Virtual Assistants Are Aiding Travelers On Luxury Vacations

Virtual assistants and connected technologies are making travel more premium and personalized

Interview Big Data Sets Its Sights On Subway Improvements And Ridesharing Fleets

Teralytics uses telecommunications data to help cities and services plan transportation based on how people move

Automotive Byton Smart SUV Debuts At CES With Biometric Vehicle Controls

The drivable concept car incorporates voice recognition, biometric identification and hand gesture controls

Design Subway Map Redesigned For Individual Riders

Nate Parrot gives the subway map an interactive refresh

Cafe & Restaurant Google Displays Wait Times For Restaurants In Search And Maps

Google's newest update will let users know how long they may have to wait at a restaurant to get a table

Advertising Kind's New Project Aims To Teach Kids Empathy

Empatico is the name of the project aimed to help students connect with other students beyond their own bubble

Design A Software Engineer Designed A More Practical Way To Map

Peter Liu designed a new type of map that focuses on travel time rather than location

Syndicated Why Google Maps Needs To Evolve For Cyclists

Cyclists don’t just want the fastest route—they want the safest or quietest

Fashion & Apparel Nike Is Using Computational Design To Reinvent The T-Shirt

The NikeLab A.A.E. collection uses data from athletes in the design process

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Maps Show X-Ray Versions Of New York's Subway Stations

The maps are aimed at helping the average tourist—or local—understand how the structure of each station fits in with the surrounding architecture

Design Designer Imagines Roads Of Ancient Rome As A Subway Map

A student from the University of Chicago created the concept to map the empire of Ancient Rome, with lines running through three continents

Retail Microsoft's Low-Cost Alternative To GPS Maps Indoor Spaces

The tech company wants to create an indoor navigation unit in which people create their own maps

Syndicated Why Public Space In London Is Quietly Disappearing

Pseudo-public space—squares and parks that seem public but are actually owned by corporations—has quietly spread across cities worldwide