Mark Sweney

Entertainment Netflix Viewers Like Comedy For Breakfast And Drama At Lunch

Data from the company how people's preferences for content shift throughout the day

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Adult coloring book craze and Alice in Wonderland helped revival in traditional publishing

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The documentary-style series challenges contestants with bizarre situations and tests their survival skills.

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Microsoft is focused on shows and channels over games for its new generation console.

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UK advertising watchdog bans 'gratuitous' ads that demean women on the popular retailer's website, but is the fuss too much?

Advertising How Mens Magazines Display Women As Ornaments

Esquire's editor has admitted: We show ornamental women in same way as cars.

Luxury Why Google Ad Words Are A Waste Of Money

EBay study says billions spent by advertisers on keywords to maximise Google ranking has little effect on sales.

Technology Nike Gets Twitter Advertising Campaign Banned

Sponsored soccer star Wayne Rooney judged to have broken rules for not clearly stating tweets were ads.