Consumer Goods Target Expands Online Merch With Third-Party Vendor Marketplace

To stay afloat next to the likes of Amazon and Walmart, the big-box retailer is the latest to launch a third-party selling platform, which it will curate for higher quality and integrate into its existing site

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Debit Card From Square Business Owners Lets Merchants Access Funds Immediately

The app already offers an instant transfer option for a slight fee through the app, but this card does the job for free

Merchandising & Curation Facebook Marketplace Introduces AI Capability To Facilitate Vendors' Sales

The social media site's Marketplace has a tool that gives sellers price range suggestions and can automatically categorize features, optimizing the selling experience

Fashion & Apparel eBay's Value Shopping Platform Aims To Attract Young Bargain Hunters

The online marketplace is beta-testing Catch, a complementary program that amasses optimum value products from eBay sellers around the world, combining Trendspotter, Tastemaker and data analysts to tailor results for younger audiences

Delivery & Logistics Sprint's IoT Marketplace Aims To Give Small Businesses A Seamless Experience

Commercial customers will be able to purchase boxed services with quick delivery and painless setup so they can integrate IoT into their workflow

Automotive GM Marketplace Lets Drivers Order Dinner From The Dashboard Of Their Car

The new GM Marketplace allows drivers to order a service from the car's dashboard rather than looking down at their phones

Advertising Online Marketplace Improves City Infrastructure Through Art Projects

Cities are looking to engage the public without going through the traditional town meetings

Retail Facebook Is Getting Into The Food Delivery Business

The social network is continually trying to grow its utility with new feature rollouts and use cases

Technology A Roadmap For Navigating The Disruption Economy

The Digital Transformation Playbook by PSFK Labs provides an action plan for C-level executives in a tech-disrupted marketplace

Retail No Matter Your Mood, Machine Learning Can Tell You What Cannabis is for You

An algorithm recommends marijuana for whether you're 'happy' or 'relaxed'

Design Etsy's City Guides Help Shoppers Support Local Boutiques

Discover local makers and shops with Etsy's curated guides created in collaboration with On the Grid

Design Leveling the Playing Field for Emerging Fashion Designers

A marketplace will allow independent fashion designers to launch collections based on pre-orders and not privelege

Advertising Community-Based Marketplace Adds A Layer Of Trust To Craigslist [Video]

New site offers a buy and sell model without the dangers so many are often concerned about.

Technology Platform Auction Off Clever Inventions And Ideas [Video]

Innovations can now be transformed into reality with this new project.