Design Sound Conducting Jelly Lets You Create Touch-Sensitive Musical Instruments

French student designers mash create an interactive music game that mixes basic chemistry with technology.

Technology Browse Images On A New Pinterest x Instagram Mashup

Pingram allows users to browse and share photos from a clean, visual-heavy interface.

Advertising Agency Creates First Person Shooter Using Google Street View

A bizarrre mashup created by Pool Worldwide lets you point and shoot in real-world scenarios.

Advertising Paul Smith Designs Concept Posters For Gary Oldman Film

Paul Smith designed a series of four silk-screen posters for the release the film, 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,' creating a new style of filmic publicity.

Technology Track & Visualize Music Tours With Google Mashup Map

A new service lets you see where all your favorite bands are playing globally at the same time.

Advertising Google Meets Graffiti: Red Bull Street Art View

A collaborative collection showcasing street art from all over the globe.

Advertising MySpace Introduces A Mashup With Facebook

The two social media services announce a content-sharing partnership that has been in the works for over a year.

Technology Mapping The London Underground Live

What are the ramifications of privacy issues when mapping the earth and status awareness collide?

Design When Hello Kitty Met Darth Vader

A series of remarkable pop-cultural mashups of multi-genre characters.

Retail Spotisquare: Experiencing Foursquare Venues Through Music

This mobile mash-up adds online music to offline places, helping people to express how they experience locations through music.

Technology Online Maps Indicate The Location Of E-waste Collection Centers

São Paulo’s State Bureau for the Environment teamed up with Sergio Motta Institute to create a mashup website displaying the location of e-waste collection centers across the city.