Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Merchandising & Curation Fintech Company's Debit Card Helps Consumers Be More Mindful Of Their Financial Habits

Acorns is trying to humanize its offerings and translate its financial products to the physical world, providing users with a card to help them more easily manage their money

Design 6 Key Takeaways From PSFK's CXI 2018 Conference

Speakers at PSFK's conference on May 18 left the audience with food for thought, motivating listeners to shake up their own industries with pivotal insights on the consumer experience

Technology This Robot Turns Walls Into Analog Displays

This invention will create (and erase) writing and drawings on any wall, over and over again

This Wearable Hears You Even Without Speech

This concept device from the MIT Media Lab detects muscle movements so wearers don't have to make a sound to communicate with artificial intelligence

Retail 10 Inspiring Female Pioneers From PSFK's PurpleList

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, we are highlighting some of the dynamic female pioneers PSFK has worked with over the years

Entertainment AI Is Working To Make Moviegoers More Emotional

An AI algorithm can predict which parts of a film will generate the greatest emotional responses in audiences

Advertising These Smart City Fixtures Gather Data To Build Hyperlocal Knowledge

We spoke to Sandra Richter, co-founder and CEO of Soofa, about smart city furniture and a hyperlocal, data-driven approach to retail and advertising

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel New Platform Looks To Connect People With Affordable Housing

Young adults can find affordable housing with older people in need of extra cash or help around the house

Children Wooden Toys Help Children Learn How To Code

MIT Media Lab alumni used Montessori teaching concepts to create wooden toys that help children understand code without using a screen

Gaming & Play Get Design Inspiration Through This Mad Libs-Like Game

Designers are given a task to think creatively with this randomizer game from MIT Media Lab

Fashion & Apparel Amazon's Latest Feature Is An AI That Designs Clothes By Looking At Pictures

The e-commerce giant is trying to take a new approach to fashion

Technology How Dance Is Preparing Minority Students To Pursue STEM

A nonprofit organization is using dance to teach code and empower girls to pursue careers in STEM

Food & Beverage MIT's Bot Can Tell What Ingredients Are In Your Food Just By Looking At It

Pic2Recipe can analyze a photo to tell cooks not only the components but a suggestion of how to make it

Design Climate Chaos And Artificial Us: 6 Links We’re Talking About

Climate change and AI were the focus of stories circulating among the PSFK team this week