Matt Jones

Design Pixar Artist Designs New Facebook Emoticons

Matt Jones is creating a set of digital images that reflect more complex or subtle emotions.

Advertising Google And BERG Design The Future User Interface [Video]

Experiments with 'smart light' show how we might interact with Google products in a post-screens era.

Technology What Is The True Definition Of Interaction Design? [Video]

In a series on interaction design, jurors from the Interaction Awards 2012 discuss the crucial elements that make up a smooth interface.

Advertising What Is The Future Of Digital Interaction?

PSFK is featuring a series of videos about innovative interaction design. What should it aspire to as a field? And what is its ultimate goal?

Design Can We Take The 'U' Out Of User Interface Design?

BERG's Matt Jones shares with frogdesign his perspective on the changing relationship between user and object, and how that change that is shaping the culture of use.

Retail A Closer Look At BERG's Design Thinking Process [Video]

Matt Jones, Director of Design, talks about about design, technology and personal inspiration which fuels therich thinking behind his firm's work.

Technology Matt Jones: Don't Imagine An Internet Of Things, Think Spimes [Headlines]

"The phrase 'Internet Of Things' will probably sound as silly to someone living in a spime-ridden future as 1990s visions of 'Cyberspace'"

Video BERG's Future Of Media: Playful Surfaces & Screens

The design studio looks at a world of media that speaks more often but more quietly.

Work (Video) Matt Jones: PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2010

The Director of Design at BERG talks about design, personal inspiration, culture and atemporality.

Design (Pics) PSFK Conference London 2010

A gallery of photos from our recent London conference.

Retail Matt Jones On Creating A Net Of Intelligent Products

A recent presentation examines how intelligent cities can best be built for the benefit of everyone.

Design Mujicomp: Creating Infrastructures With Desirable Things

Matt Jones offers the idea that ubiquitous computing components need to become tasteful, sexy and desirable rather than just being another bit of "technology".

Technology (Quote) If You Want To See The Future...

Matt Jones points us to an antiquing slide from the recent Nordic Service Design Conference 09.

Design Matt Jones: All Different Kinds of Time

At the Design by Fire event a few weeks ago, Matt Jones gave a mind-bending presentation on the subject of time.