matt w. moore

Advertising 10 Top Brand Collaborations With The Art World

Matt W. Moore works with the world's leading companies to create some of his best work.

Design Turning To Artists To Help Explore And Power Connections

Media agency Mandala collaborates with artists and designers to bring people together and create communities through expression across different media.

Technology Ask The PurpleList: Is Facebook Killing The URL?

PSFK's expert network provide their point of view.

Advertising (Video) Walls Are Dancing: Matt W. Moore's Paintings Come To Life

The artist's murals are captured live as they are painted and presented as an animation.

Innovation Ask The PurpleList: Is The Internet Dead?

PSFK's network of experts responds to the idea that the web is dying.

Retail (Pics) MWM Ray-Bans And Murals

Matt W. Moore, the artist behind MWM and graphic designer for the 2010 PSFK Conference in New York, has created a colorfully rare edition of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

Design (Pics) PSFK Conference Material

The PSFK Conference New York is only one day away, and we wanted to share the great looking booklets, pins and signs we are preparing for tomorrow.

Design (Pics) Crystals And Lasers: Matt W Moore In Paris

Matt W. Moore is currently showing off a collection of new works at the Since,Upian Gallery in Paris.

Technology Design Tool Encourages Artist-Customer Collaboration

CaseMate's new design tool at is the collaborative venture of the iPhone case manufacturer and a series of emerging artists

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel (Pics) MWM Visits San Francisco & The Bay Area

Artist MWM recently visited the Bay Area and these shots capture the essence of the place and the things that inspired him.

Work Hard Working Artist: MWM

PSFK friend and PSFK Conference 09 speaker Matt W Moore continues to collaborate with companies to extend his art into new spaces. We've been excited to see his recent work for Almond Lumberjack Long Surfboards, Google logo explorations, his mural in Sao Paulo and his graphics for Glyph Cue. Click through see his art in action.