Advertising Billboard Uses Air Pollution To Display A Message

Peruvian natural gas company Calidda highlights environmental issues with an interactive urban ad

Video Nikon Rolls Out Campaign for the Instagram Generation

Integrated ad push celebrates a generation that communicates visually

Technology Brand App Has Citizens Geotag Offensive Graffiti For Removal

Cleaning brand sends whitewash teams clean up Romania's streets in response to user submissions.

Advertising Erupting Volcano Spews Flower Petals Rather Than Lava [Video]

In the video ad for its new 4K Sony TV, the manufacturer used millions of blossoms to symbolize the number of pixels in the screen.

Advertising Taxi Rewards Passengers With Discounts For In-Car Exercising [Video]

Coca-Cola Chile fitted a cab with bike pedals which passengers used to take money off their fare.

Design Coca-Cola Can Smiles Back At Drinkers [Video]

As part of the brand's Open Happiness campaign, McCann modified the drink opening to make it look jovial.

Home Charity Creates Thrift Store Brand To Reach Young Donators

McCann Israel teamed up with a local NGO to help provide the needy with food by selling vintage clothes.

Advertising Catchy PSA Song Teaches Kids About The Dumbest Ways To Die [Video]

A community message by Melbourne Metro features cute cartoon characters who sing about safety.

Technology Group Responds To Hackers By Showing Them How To Do It Better

Israeli art students redesign hacked websites to combat cyber-terrorism and send a creative message to Arab hacker groups, rather than overtake them.

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