Cafe & Restaurant Google Displays Wait Times For Restaurants In Search And Maps

Google's newest update will let users know how long they may have to wait at a restaurant to get a table

Advertising Lyft Is Partnering With Taco Bell To Give Riders Pit-Stop Meals

Lyft customers in Orange County have the opportunity to make a pit-stop to Taco Bell on the way to their destination for a limited time

Food & Beverage Burger King Gets Mildly Risqué With An Adult-Themed Meal

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Burger King took a more mature route to surprise their customers

Technology Portable Lunchbox Oven Creates The Perfect Office Meal

The HeatsBox is a mini-cooking device that lets people heat up their lunch evenly within 15 minutes

Retail Become Your Own Swedish Chef In This IKEA Restaurant

Enjoy cooking up delicious Swedish meals for a day in this DIY pop-up eatery

Fitness & Sport This Nutritional Bar Is Supposed To Give Your Body Everything It Needs

Food startup Soylent has launched a new grab-and-go snack alongside its line of meal replacements

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Tesco Turns Blogger Recipes Into In-Store Grocery Lists

Supermarket giant partners up with food intelligence firm to create a futuristic way to shop online.

Home Food Brand Provides Recipes For Restaurant Dishes On Instagram [Video]

CT Food encourages its customers to take pictures of their restaurant meals to receive instructions on how to prepare them.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Luxury Hotels Introduce Gourmet Food Trucks

Guests can now try upscale meals in a low-key and casual environment.

Design Creative Minds Take Inspiration From And Create Art With Food

'Something I Ate' asked artists to document 7 days of their personal eating habits resulting in exclusive works using whichever media they prefer.

Innovation Single Serving Packaging Innovation [Pic]

An English graphic designer offers a practical solution to an age-old cooking dilemma.

Gaming & Play Food Photography, The Ultimate Social Media Status Update

The recent surge in food photography as a popular means of checking in with peers on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and personal blogs, in many ways appears to be the digital equivalent of sitting down to a meal with friends and loved ones.

Design Art Analysis Reveals A Growth In Food Portions Over The Past 1,000 Years

In an interesting study based on different paintings depicting the Last Supper, researchers show how plate size, and overeating have grown over the past 1000 years.