Retail Would You Buy Your Meat From A Vending Machine?

A butcher is testing out sustainable cuts of meats in an automated vending machine

Design Still-Life Photography Landscapes Made Entirely Out Of Food [Pics]

Meat, bread and vegetables used to create breathtaking scenes in various environments.

Syndicated Lion Burgers Find Demand In America

Captive lions are being raised for meat in the USA. How far will industry go to meet changing consumer demand?

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Technology Lab-Grown Leather Will Be An Eco-Friendly Clothing Option

Bioprinted cells can be used to make the material for premium goods and also as a source for meat.

Features Is Goat Meat More Ethical?

When goats are bred for dairy farming, the billies are killed at birth. Many farmers believe it's more ethical and economical to rear them free-range for meat instead.

Advertising Order Meat On The Go With Mobile-Optimized Site

Consumers can now order Kansas City Steak products via their smartphone.

Is There An Ethical Dilemma In Graham Hill's Weekday Vegetarian Plan? [Headlines]

Is it morally sound to selectively eat meat? Or should one just stick with either extreme?

Scientists Say Lab Grown Meat Just 6 Months Away [Headlines]

Scientists may soon be able to manufacture meat in a lab, reducing environmental consequences of farming.

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Advertising Gaga Makes 'Mini-Me' Outfits For Babies

Pop star and fashion icon Lady Gaga showcases a line of baby clothes that highlights the best of her eccentric and controversial style.

Technology FearLess Encourages Healthy Meals With 'Meatless Mondays'

Another initiative by FearLess to promote health, sustainability and delicious meat-free meals.

Grass-Fed Meat Not Only Healthier, It's Greener [Headlines]

A recent report by the Environmental Working Group discovered that grass-fed meat is not only healthier, it also has less negative environmental impact.