Health Clinicube Helps More Doctors Open Practice With Coworking Facility Format

As private practices fall out of favor (and affordability) with millennial doctors, Clinicube's medical coworking provides a much cheaper solution and helps practicioners offer more personal care

Delivery & Logistics Women's Telemedicine Platform Expands Into HIV Home-Testing Kits

In an effort to spread the use of PrEP, an HIV prevention drug, Nurx is offering customers an at-home lab testing kit as well as digital consulting with trusted providers

Podcast PurpleList Podcast Episode 13: What's Your End of Life Plan?

Caregoals founder Blaine Warkentein sheds light on the best practices to facilitate end of life care

Design This Health Device Brings Star Trek's Tricorder Closer To Reality

The cellphone-like medical device can scan a person and instantly diagnose any ailments

Automotive Car Headrest Monitors Brainwaves To Prevent Drivers From Falling Asleep At The Wheel

This experimental headrest uses EEG technology to keep people awake

Technology How AI And The Internet Of Things Are Transforming The Doctor's Office

Forward is a startup looking to redefine how people interact with their healthcare providers

Health Google Has Patented a Drone Rescue Service

Could calling 911 soon become a thing of the past?

Design Can Cold Compress Adhesive Bandage Concept One-Up BandAid?

Cold Compress bandage uses an endothermic chemical reaction to cool an injured area

Home Smart Device Monitors Medications for Asthmatics, COPD

The Amiko is a small device that will make sure you take your asthma and COPD medications right

Innovation Prototype Device Diagnoses Prostate Cancer

European research organization Fraunhofer announces a product that's able to quickly, easily detect the deadly ailment

Work 3D Printing Skin Grafts to Heal Burns

A young team has developed a new method -- and new hardware -- for bioprinting

Technology Printed Tech Envisions Personalized Monitoring and Treatment Devices

PARC's printable tech department, along with Smart Design, share plans to make a patch that measures health or delivers medication that can be applied to the skin like a BandAid

Luxury Disaster Kit Modeled After Crowdsourced Earthquake Relief Advice

The Second Aid box offers DIY tips and survival essentials with innovative design

Innovation Virtual Optometrist Can Write Prescriptions From The Web

A smart online eye test could help more people see the world clearly.