medical technology

Design This Health Device Brings Star Trek's Tricorder Closer To Reality

The cellphone-like medical device can scan a person and instantly diagnose any ailments

Gaming & Play Bill Crounse: It’s Time To Re-Imagine The Electronic Medical Record

A look into the changing world of high-tech electronic medical record systems and how they integrate into a doctor's daily rounds.

Innovation Sophie Maxwell: Future Health - Feeling The Power Of Body And Mind Symbiosis

The next step in the future of health is connecting mental and physical health in order to achieve higher levels of well being.

Work Walgreens Utilizes Patients’ Data To Predict Diagnoses

The pharmacy company will be supplying its clinics with an analytical system to aide in the treatment of patients.

Innovation Contact Lens Creates Braille-Like Sensations On The Eye To Help The Blind See

Researchers at Bar Ilan University have created a prototype contact lens that can relay images to the user directly on their eye.

Technology Tongue Piercing Acts As Wheelchair Steering For The Disabled

New technology that lets patients with severe spinal cord injuries move more easily.

DIY Checkup: iPhone Flash Measures User's Pulse

A unique application detects small changes in the color and brightness of a person's finger to measure their heartbeat.

Design New Biotech Sensor Technology Promises Easy Medical Diagnosis

Fraunhofer IZM is close to developing two technologies that could help make medical diagnosis easier.