Health Customers Can Detect Counterfeit Medicine With A Mobile Phone Scan

Called BitSecure Mobile, the system involves pharmaceutical packaging labels that customers can scan using the related mobile app, helping crack down on counterfeit meds by providing instant authentication

Design Wearable Device Helps Keep Track Of Daily Birth Control Doses

Popit is a device and app will tell you if you've missed taking your birth control pill

Packaging & Product Engagement FDA Approves Smart Pills That Digitally Track When Patients Take Their Meds

Abilify MyCite contains a tiny sensor to record the time of ingestion

Technology Drug Implant Uses Magnets To Administer Regular Doses

This tiny device is trying to revolutionize the way medications are delivered to patients

Health Wearable Device Could Make Dealing With Asthma Easier

Respia was developed to make life easier for those with the respiratory condition and help take their mind off of always worrying about their condition

Technology 3D-Printed Pills Contain A Whole Day's Medication

National University of Singapore develops ingestible mold to store different medicines

Health Mobile App Crowdsources Fever Info For Hospitals

Boston Children's Hospital taps Apple's Health Research Kit for better data on fevers

Innovation Let This App Help Guide You to the Right Antidepressant

Doctors can track the effectiveness of an antidepressant pill in real-time

Technology How Are People Taking Medication Today? [Infographic]

Mango Health releases an infographic showing how we interact with pills and supplements -- what the most popular are and which ones we forget to take.

Home Spa Reduces Hangovers In Under An Hour

Revive is a hydration clinic in Chicago that offers IV fluids, vitamins, and medication.

Design Origami Pills Bloom In Water [Video]

Design student rethinks the way we take medicine and its packaging to make the process more pleasant.

Gaming & Play Will Hospital Robots Be The Nurses Of The Future?

Thousands of "service robots" are expected to be introduced in the next few years to take over a variety of tasks.

Innovation Study: 25 Percent Of American Youth Take Prescription Medications Regularly

Due to unhealthy lifestyle and more awareness among parents and doctors, more children are taking medication on a regular basis.