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Fashion & Apparel Hermès Has Created A Subscription Service For Trendy Neckties

The Tie Society offers a necktie delivery service and so much more

Features High Fashion Comments On Britain's Upcoming EU Referendum Vote

Not even London's menswear shows were immune from opinion on the upcoming decision

Advertising Men's Fashion Line Helps Tech Guys Avoid Decision Fatigue

Take the stress out of outfit planning with a "one click closet"

Design A Lesson in Space Chic

Tim Peake might be making history as the first British astronaut to go to space, but let’s not overlook that boilersuit—a little bit Louis Vuitton and very of the moment

Innovation Smart Mannequins and Wireless Charging Stations Dot Men’s Shop

The Dandy Lab is a laboratory-modelled store that adapts a variety of tech touchpoints to create a hybrid shopping experience

Syndicated Mad Men Leaves Effect on Men's Suits

Mad Men’s costumes and styling might have changed the way women think about vintage dressing, but for men, it was all about the power suit

Work Wearable Sleeping Bag Shows Hybrid Fashion Got Out of Hand

Wearable tech is one thing. But a sleeping bag with armholes or a suit you can surf in is another entirely. Here are some of the most heinous hybrid fashions around

Advertising Dad Shorts and Mom Jeans: Where Do You Fit in Family Jean Pool?

Gap has launched a pair of low rise and wide legged shorts—exactly what dads wear on holiday. From boyfriend jeans to nephew jeans, which family member do you sport?

Luxury Simon King: How I'm Reinventing The T-Shirt

PSFK collaborator looks to design a new wardrobe for the 21st century.

Home ‘Stitch’ Together Clothes By Ironing Not Sewing

ThreadLab creates DIY apparel designs for men with a heat-activated adhesive film.

Home Abercrombie & Fitch Boss Makes Flight Attendants Wear Only Boxers & Sandals On Private Jet

Models hired to work on Michael Jeffries private jet must conform to 'aircraft standards' manual, according to extraordinary claims made by former pilot in lawsuit.

Retail Prince Charles Opens London Menswear Week

The UK city's first ever week of men's catwalk shows will be premiered by the eldest son and heir apparent to Queen Elizabeth II.

Design Pattern Pulp: Lighthearted Men's Prints For Sping

Folk Clothing London has created masculine yet colorful shirts for their latest collection.

Innovation Technology Advances Make It Easy To Get A Custom Dress Shirt [Headlines]

Personally made high-end shirts for men are becoming cheaper and more accessible